Due to the ever changing market and demand for new tastes, we are always bringing in new flavors and products. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

All bases can be custom mixed upon request

All DIY orders are only available at our main store in Arnprior. We can arrange for transfer to our other location if needed. Please note that due to the time restrictive nature of filling DIY orders, we ask that you email us in advance with your list.


A great substitute for PG

60ml $4.99
250ml $12.95
500ml $21.95
1L $29.95
4L $89.99
20L ~ Please contact

Unflavored Base mix

(PG, VG or 50-50)

1L, 500ml, 250ml

Please contact for concentrations (mg) available


1L, 500ml, 250ml

Please contact for concentrations (mg) available

Propylene Glycol USP 99.9%

250ml – $9.99

1L – $16.99

4L – $43.99

Vegetable Glycerine USP 99.9%

250ml – $9.99

1L – $16.99

4L – $43.99

LDPE Dropper Bottles

5ml-10ml-30ml – $0.29-$0.39-$0.49 each

Chubby Gorilla Bottles

We now carry and wholesale authentic Chubby Gorilla bottles.

More sizes to come soon. Need more or less?
Send us a note and we will respond asap.

Pricing – 500pcs of 60ml ~ $0.60 each ( $300 total )

1000pcs of 30ml ~ $0.40 each ( $400 total )

TFA/TPA Flavours

(We now have TFA/TPA, Capella and Flavor West available. More to come soon!)
Avg. Pricing 10ml $4.99, 30ml $6.99, 60ml $9.99. Some flavor prices will slightly vary due to manufacturers cost. Larger size flavors available on demand.

Absinthe Flavor

Acai Flavor

Almond Amaretto Flavor

Apple (Tart Granny Smith) Flavor

Apple Candy Flavor

Apple Flavor

Apple Pie Flavor

Banana Cream Flavor

Bananas Foster

Banana Nut Bread

Berry Crunch Flavor

Bittersweet Chocolate (Extra)

Black Cherry Flavor

Black Currant Flavor

Black Honey Flavor

Black Tea Flavor

Blackberry Flavor

Blueberry (Wild) Flavor

Blueberry Candy (PG) Flavor

Blueberry Flavor (Extra)

Boysenberry Flavor

Brown Sugar Extra

Bubblegum (Juicy Style)

Bubblegum Flavor

Butter Flavor

Butterscotch Flavor

Cantaloupe Flavor

Cappuccino Flavor

Caramel (Original) Flavor

Caramel Candy Flavor

Champagne Type Flavor (PG)

Cherry Extract Flavor

Chocolate Flavor

Cherry Blossom Flavor

Chocolate Flavor

Cinnamon Danish Flavor

Clove Cucumber

French Vanilla Creme

Cinnamon Red Hot Flavor

Cinnamon Spice Flavor

Cinnamon Sugar Cookie

Coconut Candy Flavor

Coconut Extra Flavor

Coffee Flavor Extra (Clear)

Cola Flavor**

Cotton Candy (Circus)

Cubano Flavor

Creme de Menthe Flavor

Double Chocolate (Clear) Flavor

Double Chocolate (Dark) Flavor

Dragonfruit Flavor


Dulce de Leche Flavor

Egg Nog

Energy Drink

English Toffee Flavor

Espresso Flavor

French Vanilla Deluxe Flavor

French Vanilla Flavor

Fudge Brownie

Gingerbread Cookie Flavor

Gingerbread Flavor

Graham Cracker (Clear) Flavor

Graham Cracker Flavor

Grapefruit Flavor

Grape Candy Flavor

Grape Juice Flavor

Green Apple Flavor

Green Tea Flavor

Gummy Candy Flavor

Hawaiian Punch Flavor

Hazelnut Flavor


Honey Flavor

Honeydew Flavor

Root Beer Float

Key Lime Flavor

Horchata Flavor

Huckleberry Flavor

Irish Cream Flavor

Jackfruit Flavor

Jamaican Rum Flavor

Kalua and Cream Type

Kettle Corn Flavor

Kiwi (Double) Flavor

Koolada Flavor

Lemon (water soluble) Flavor

Lemon Lime Flavor

Lychee Flavor

Malted Milk Extra (Conc)

Mango Flavor

Maple Syrup Flavor

Marshmallow Flavor

Mary Jane Flavor

Menthol Liquid (PG)

Mexican Coffee Flavor

Mexican Liqueur Flavor

Mild Black Flavor

Mint Candy Flavor

Mocha Flavor

Molasses Flavor

Nectarine Flavor

Orange Cream Flavor

Orange Mandarin Flavor

Papaya Flavor

Passion Fruit Flavor

Peach (Juicy) Flavor

Peach Flavor

Peanut Butter Flavor

Pear Flavor

Peppermint Flavor

Pie Crust Flavor

Pina Colada Flavor

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Malted Milk Flavor

Pineapple Flavor

Plum Flavor (PG)

Pomegranate Deluxe

Pomegranate Flavor

Prailines and Cream Flavor

Raspberry (Sweet) Flavor

Raspberry Flavor

Red Type Blend

Red Velvet Cake Flavor

Ripe Banana Flavor

Rootbeer (Tri) Flavor

RY4 Asian Flavor

RY4 Double Flavor

RY4 Type Flavor

Sour Flavor

Spearmint Flavor

Strawberry (Ripe) Flavor

Strawberries and Cream Flavor

Strawberry Flavor

Sweet and Tart Flavor

Sweetener Flavor

Swedish Gummy Flavor

Toasted Almond Flavor

Toasted Marshmallow Flavor

Tobacco Flavor

Turkish Flavor

Tutti-Frutti Flavor

Vanilla Bourbon Flavor

Vanilla Cupcake Flavor

Vanilla Custard Flavor

Vanilla Swirl Flavor

Waffle (Belgian) Flavor

Watermelon Flavor

Western Flavor

Whipped Cream Flavor

White Chocolate Flavor

Wintergreen Flavor

Capella Flavors

(We now have TFA/TPA, Capella and Flavor West available. More to come soon!)

Bavarian Cream

Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy Flavor

Bold Tobacco

Boston Cream Pie v2

Creamy Yogurt

French Vanilla v2

Grapefruit Flavor

Green Apple

Italian Lemon Sicily

Juicy Orange

Juicy Peach

Lemon Meringue Pie v2

New York Cheesecake

Peaches and Cream v2

Root Beer

Sweet Strawberry

Sweet Tea Flavor

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Vanilla Cupcake v2

Vanilla Custard v2

Flavor West

(We now have TFA/TPA, Capella and Flavor West available. More to come soon!)
Avg. Pricing 10ml $4.99, 30ml $6.99, 60ml $9.99. Some flavor prices will slightly vary due to manufacturers cost. Larger size flavors available on demand.


Bananas Foster

Bavarian Cream

Black Cherry

Black Licorice

Blood Orange

Blue Ice


Bubbas Pig Sap

Bubble Gum

Candy Cane

Capt.Crunch Berries


Chocolate Mint

Courmarin Pipe Tobacco

Cream Soda

Cucumber Mint

Ecto Cooler

Extreme Ice

Juicy Fruit

Jungle Juice

Kool Effects

Lemon Meringue Pie



Moose Milk


Orange Dream Bar

Pink Lemonade


Rainbow Sherbert


Root Beer

Ruby Red Grapefruit



Sugar Cookie

Tropical Cream Breeze


Vanilla Custard

Flavor Enhancer/Toner

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We are now in our new location and have been constantly changing the experience for all who visit. It was a lot of hard work to convert this building into what it is now and owe a great thanks to our amazing team of contractors that made this place possible. Special thanks go to Karl Ryan of Shamrock Handyman Services ( for the amazing job he did turning this property into a great space for everyone. It was a big job and he always produced the most amazing results, we are very lucky to have such a wonderful place to work in and a store that our customers appreciate. We pride ourselves on being a small town store with small town service and we always try to show that. We opened in 2014 and have grown and adapted to better serve all our amazing customers. We are always looking for new ways to change and expand our services and look forward to meeting the challenge in this ever changing industry.

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