Feel Better!

NO Tar, NO Carcinogens, NO Smoke, NO Smell! When it comes right down to it, this is not a tool for quitting, but to be used as an alternative. Within a short time you may notice your desire and habit decrease. Heck, even your taste buds will thank you! Electronic Cigarettes produce a vapor which comes from the spent liquids as you exhale and all of our ingredients contain only products approved for human consumption by the FDA. All of our products are scrutinized regularly to ensure the best possible product.


Save Some Cash!

Let’s say you smoke a pack a day…COST –  (avg) $10 a pack, $70 a week, $280 a month, $ 3360 a year! Now let’s say you are using an electric cigarette instead. COST – (avg) $30 a month. That’s it. $360 a year. Now of course, that is a simple breakdown, but you get the idea. It’s an average savings of about $3000! Add to that savings the fact that your insurance premiums would be lower due to the fact you are not a smoker anymore. We don’t know about you, but with a savings of about $3000 a year, we could find something better to spend that on!


Easier To Use!

Electronic Cigarettes don’t produce smoke, don’t require a lighter or matches or any flame source, don’t leave ashes or disgusting butts on the  ground, they produce a vapor by the ejuice being heated to allow a vapor,  you know, like a fog. When you inhale, it’s vapor. When you exhale it’s vapor. Once you have decided which flavor to use, simply fill the cartomizer to the directed amount and use it as instructed. Use it in your home, car or wherever and you won’t notice the use because it doesn’t leave that nasty smell that goes with traditional cigarettes. Get the same feeling as smoking without the nasty side-effects and save some $$$, seems like a good deal!


Arnprior Location

87 Madawaska
St. Arnprior, ON, K7S 1S2

Phone (613) 622 5500
Cell (613) 371-4485
Email –

Smiths Falls Location

23 Beckwith St. N
Unit #110
Smiths Falls, ON

Phone (613)-706-2824
Cell (613)-433-1930
Email –

Gainesboro, TN Location

109 South Union St
Gainesboro, Tennessee

Phone (931)-268-8273
Cell (931)-310-3739
Email –

Kentucky Location

208 East Cumberland St
Albany KY
42602 U.S.A

Store Hours

Monday to Friday ~ 11am to 6pm
Saturday ~ 11am to 5pm
Sunday ~ Closed / by appointment only

We thought really long and hard about what we wanted to do with our storefront and at the risk of sounding modest, it turned out AWESOME!  After 6 weeks of prepping, sanding, painting, lugging, reaching, younameit… The shop looks great. When you visit us, you are in a calm and comfortable environment; we never rush you and always encourage you to sit down and try out our sample table to find which flavor of EBACO E-Juice you like the best.

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